Ozora Festival

Ozora is a village in Hungary, which has become famous for its annual psychedelic trance festival which has been running since 2004.

A Fairy Tale

O.Z.O.R.A festival is about your imagination in its purest and deepest form you could ever…imagine. It is pure for its unpretentiousness as it’s freed from vanity and prejudice. It is deep for its togetherness as it connects human souls and nature through caring, love and respect.

In the same way as your dreams come unexpected and uninvited, taking you to parallel worlds, enabling you to experience a real unreality, Ozora opens your senses to witness a fairy tale on earth through sounds, colors and souls-alike.


To add to the perfect symbiosis between humans, music and nature, the festival spares room for arts too. Some of the participating artists are:

Bios – performing visuals in clubs; working with Quartz composer and Quadrium II; won the prize of Sziget festival; responsible for audio analysis in CelloBeatPulse
Norbert Papp – painter and sand-animator; the main theme in his painting is the Human; his unique art combines the techniques of classical painting and freedom of imagination
Lele Cosmo – a fluo painter and chalk artist; creating fluorescent paintings; decorations; drawings with chalks and experimenting with 3D illusionary painting on floor
Android Jones – forefront of the visionary art movement
The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art – the academy has evolved from the annual summer seminar ‘Expanded Visions in the Mischtechnik’ held each year in Torri Superiore, Italy and has a reputation for being a highly creative event
Phadroid – or the festival of Gnarnia is a unique fusion of live painting and live movement


The festival is environmentally friendly and recycling is prioritized. The garbage is collected and sorted by volunteers among the visitors. A large amount of plastic and glass has been collected from last year and will be used for various projects and installations in the upcoming festival.

According to the organisers, the “ecological footprint last year can be measured in 300 cubic meters of garbage and about 580 000 liters of water used per day (which includes the water used for sprinkling, watering and cooling against the unusually intense heat and dust).”

This year, the Ozora festival will take place on July 29th until August 3rd. For information on the lineup and tickets, visit ozorafestival.eu.